Annoscia, Enrico 29.jun.1854-18.dec.1936 Italy, Bari - Bari
bandmaster, studied clarinet with his father Saverio, studied counterpoint, harmony and conducting with Alessandro Busi at Bologna Conservatory, studied with Nicola d'Arienzo in Naples, he founded and conducted several bands gaining immense popularity among the common people of Bari and was praised by Puccini and Mascagni, among the bands were the 57th and 58th Infantry and Banda Popolare founded in 1891, his Marcia funebre remained his most famous composition 'every note of it was a tear', none of his compositions and arrangements have been published, all remained in manuscript which were donated by the Annoscia family in 1961 to Biblioteca del Conservatorio Statale di Musica Niccolo Piccinni in Bari ; 30.dec.1911 in Bari he married Angela Sacchetti

Title Parts

[] Umberto I. Gran marcia. Band. 1878
[] A Piccinni. Sinfonia. 1885
composed for the inauguration of the monument to Piccinni 10 May 1885

[] Te Deum. Choir and orchestra. 1896
[] Ouverture. Band. 1889
[] A mia madre. Elegia Sancta. 16 Aprile 1926
Premiata con Medaglia d'Argento al Grande Concorso di Perugia

[] A mio Padre! Preludio sinfonico. Bari Aprile 1928
Premiato al Gran Concorso di Perugia con Gran Diploma d'Onore e Medaglia d'Argento

[] All'Illustre Com. Dott Vella, Commissario al Comune di Bari "Mecenate". Inno. Bari Feb 1931
[] Elegia fa minore. Band 
[] Marcia funebre "Drete a CCriste muerte" "La marce du fazzuette". Band
remained his most famous composition "every note of it was a tear"

[] Marcia guerresca. Band
[] Marciabile mi bemolle maggiore. Band
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