Ansaldi, Francesco 1785-18?? Italy, Vercelli - ?Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
violinist, studied violin with his uncle Pietro Sassi, then became first violin and conductor of Cappella di S M Fedelissima in Vercelli, later conductor in service of king Joao VI of Portugal in Lisbon, 1809 he followed king Joao VI and family to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 30.aug.1817 violinist and conductor at the court theatres Teatro Particular do Rossio and Teatro de Sao Joao in Rio de Janeiro, 1826 still active at the court of Joao's son Pedro IV of Portugal (Pedro I of Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro, according to Fetis 1860 he was still living in Rio de Janeiro in 1860 ; son of Giacomo Ansaldi

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto
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