Ansiaux (Anciaux), Jean Hubert Joseph 16.dec.1781-4.dec.1826 Belgium, Huy near Liege (Hoei near Luik) - Huy
organist, choirmaster, studied music and harmony with Heukart choirmaster of the Notre-Dame in Huy, studied piano with Tingry, 10.oct.1800 organist/choirmaster of Saint Remy in Huy, later at the Notre-Dame in Huy, 1820 member of Societe d'emulation of Liege, he was teacher harmony to violinist Nicolas Lambert Wery, he died suddenly at his desk at the age of 45 ; son of Toussaint Joseph Ansiaux, mayor of Huy ; he married Antoinette Hubertine Devaux ; father of the composers Charles and Theophile Ansiaux

Title Parts

[] Le sacrifice de Jephte. Oratorio. 1810
performed in a concert at Societe d'emulation of Liege 1820

[] Te Deum I. 8vv. 1811
composed for the marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie-Louise 20mar1811

[] Te Deum III
performed at the anniversary of the king's birthday at Sainte-Gudule Brussel on 16 December 1854

[] L'apotheose de Gretry. Ouverture. 1820
composed for the opening of the new salle de spectacle (auditorium) of Liege in November 1820

[] L'apotheose de Gretry. Opera in 1 act. Theatre Royal, Liege 4nov1821
libretto Latour

[] Mass no9. Saint-Jacques-sur-Caudenberg, Brussel 6nov1825
[] Le tems. Voice and guitar
words Pierre Jean de Beranger
pub Duguet, Liege 182?

[] La fete de Sainte Cecile. Cantata
[] O salutaris hostia. Soprano and instruments
music Hubert Anciaux
ms from Cathedrale Saint-Aubain Namur
ms Institut de Musique et de Pedagogie, Namur Belgium

[] Les Revenants. Opera
remained in manuscript and was not represented

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