Anson, Frederick William 1850-22.nov.1921 Scotland, Elgin - England, London Fulham
prominent member of the Savoy orchestra at the time when the Gilbert and Sullivan operas were first produced there, born in Scotland while his english father was theatrical manager there, 19.aug.1857 baptized at St Mary in London Lambeth, his mother died when he was about 9 years old, 1861 with his brother Ernest Augustus Anson (Lambeth bap.19.aug.1857-1906 Fulham) lodging at the home of his widowed aunt Louisa Baker at Marylebone Road in London St Marylebone, 1871 as teacher of music lodging with his brother college student Ernest Augustus Anson and his aunt Louisa Baker at the home of his grandmother Anna Simons at 14 Highbury Hill Park in London Islington, 1881 as musician lodging with his married brother singer/actor/comedian George William Anson at 45 The Grove in London Hammersmith, 1891-1901 as musician and teacher of music residing at 42 Irene Road in London Fulham, 1911 as musician lodging at 5 Bowerdean Street in Fulham, 26.nov.1921 his funeral took place from the Necropolis Station, Westminster Bridge Road ; son of comedian/theatrical manager/secretary of Royal Dramatic College John William Anson (London Marylebone 1818-6.feb.1881 London) and Barbara (Scotland, Campbeltown 1828-b1871) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] Glimmering Stars, for the pianoforte
pub C. Jefferys, London 1889

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