Ansorena Miranda, Jose Luis 2.may.1928- Spain, San Sebastian
choral conductor, investigator and writer on Basque music, studied piano, harmony and composition at San Sebastian Conservatory, 1942 studied at the capuchin seminary in Alsasua Navarra, 1953 ordained priest, 1966 founded Coral Andra Mari in Renteria, 1968 founded Coro Infantil Orereta, 1973 founded Musikaste for investigation, broadcasting and promotion of Basque music, 1974 founded Eresbil Archive of Basque composers, 1976 founded Coro Juvenil Oinarri

Title Parts

[] Requiem aeternam. 4vv and organ. 1962
[] Gloria in excelsis Deo. 4vv and organ. 1980
[] Plegaria a San Antonio. 3vv and organ. 1961
[] Himno de la juventud "Jatorrak" de Amute. Unison choir. Renteria, 1973
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