Anthony, Robert Marcar 'Marc' 18.feb.1891-27.jun.1970 Malaysia Penang, Georgetown - England, London Westminster
pianist, composer of light songs, studied music privately but never learned to read or write musical notation, 1899-1910 educated at Dollar Academy in Scotland, 1912 returned to Penang where he became active as musician, 1919 settled in London and as pianist and songwriter soon became famous as the 'King of the Nightclubs', 1920-1970 as musical composer residing at 10 Glebe Place in London Chelsea, 15.aug.1933 and 27.aug.1934 he returned from vacations in Tanger Morocco, 1936 as composer Marc Anthony member of the Performing Right Society London, he died at St George's Hospital on Hyde Park Corner in London ; son of merchant Joseph Manook Anthony (Penang 1847-8.dec.1917 Penang) and Regina Gregory (India, Calcutta 1857-18.sep.1942 Sumatra, Palembang Japanese internment camp) ; he never married ; his lifelong friend was singer/actress 1907 in Lehar's 'The merry widow' Elizabeth Cotton-Hodder-Bullough 'Lily Elsie' (Leeds Armley 8.apr.1886-16.dec.1962 Palehouse Common Sussex)

Title Parts

[] Lady of my dreams. Voice and piano
music Marc Anthony, words Marc Anthony and Bruce Sievier
pub Chappell & Co. Ltd., London & Sydney 1929

[] The School Song "Dollar"
words W. Kersley Holmes
commissioned by the Dollar Academy, Scotland 1930

[] Debonair. pub1930
[] Deep Dream River. pub1937
words Bruce Sievier

[] Quiero decirte (Let me tell you)
music Marc Anthony, spanish words and arrangement Manuel Salina
pub Southern Music Espanola S.A., Barcelona 1965

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