Antoine, Georges Armand Marie Leon Eugene 28.apr.1892-15.nov.1918 Belgium, Liege - Brugge
pianist, 1898 began his studies at Liege Conservatory, 1906 1er prix solfege, 1910 1er prix harmony, 1912 1er prix piano, 1913 1er prix fugue under Sylvain Dupuis, 1914 he served in WWI in the battles of Mechelen, Antwerpen and Yser, early 1915 suffering from asthma he was hospitalised to Saint-Malo France, after discharge from military service he remained in Bretagne as music teacher and concert organiser, despite a poor health he entered military service again and was sent to Touraine France, Autumn 1918 he returned to Belgium but shortly after died from bronchopneumonia ; son of Eugene

Title Parts

Sonata in A flat. Violin and piano. 1912. op3
two movements composed as examination work at Liege Conservatory, finished 1915
pub Maurice Senart, Paris 1926
1 - Modere, anime, modere, anime
2 - Assez lent
3 - Resolu et anime
[] Les Sirenes. Double choir. 1910. op1
[] Deux melodies. 1912. op2
[] 2 Chansons dans le style ancien. 1912. op4
[] Piano concerto in g. 1914
[] Piano quartet in b. Piano, violin, viola and cello. 1916. op6
pub Maurice Senart, Paris 1926

[] Vendanges de 1914. Soprano and orchestra. 1916. op8
[] Veillee d'armes. Symphonic poem. 1918. op9
[] Melodies Wallonie. 1918. op10
[] Crepuscule
words Tristan Klingsor
pub Edgard Tyssens, Liege

[] L'oiseau de paradis
words Tristan Klingsor
pub Edgard Tyssens, Liege

[] Poemes d'exil et de guerre. Voice and piano
pub Maurice Senart, Paris 1926
[] 1 - in g
[] 2 - in A flat
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