Antoine ne Crux, Heinrich (Henri) 1768-1809 Germany, Mannheim - Munchen
singer, violinist, 1778-1809 residing in Munchen, studied music with Peter Winter and 2 years at the school of Leopold Mozart in Salzburg, 1786 in service of the elector of Trier at the Koblenz court, where he left to travel France and The Netherlands, c1788 in service of count Bentheim in Steinfurt, 1791 violinist at the Hofkapelle Munchen

son of dancer/violinist Johann Peter Antoine Crux and his first wife Johanna Antonia Crux nee Habert (died 1774) and stepson of his second wife actress Franciska Antoine nee Amberger (Mannheim 15.nov.1750-20.jan.1825 Munchen) ; brother of oboist and collector royal lottery in Munchen 1812 Ernst (Ernest) Antoine (Mannheim 1770-) and of violinist/singer/pianist Maria Anna Antonia 'Marianne' Crux (Mannheim 21.nov.1772 - nothing heard of after 1807 and after her second marriage to a Holstein nobleman (according to Gerber) or to the swedish engineering officer Gelbert) ; 1789 he married soprano Johanna Fontaine (Munster 20.may.1770-1797 Mainz)

the family moved from Mannheim to Munchen in 1778 when Peter Crux was appointed Hof-Ballettmeister, a post he held until 1821, which seems unlikely at an age of over 70, it should possibly read 1811 because Fetis says Peter doesn't know the whereabouts of Marianne in 1811, a topic typically related to pensioning

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