Antonietti, Aldo Giorgio Daniele (George Daniel) 2.feb.1881-12.jan.1961 Italy, Mantua - England Shropshire, Shrewsbury
violinist, 14.aug.1881 baptized at St Andrew in Surbiton Kingston upon Thames where his family resided at Palace Road, 1883-1890 his family resided in Chile, 1891 in Kingston upon Thames, studied violin with Emile Sauret at the Royal Academy of Music London, 1897 he gained fame with concerts in London, Berlin and 1898 at Real Conservatorio in Milan, after many European concerts 1900 Dresden, 1901 Berlin, 30.jun.1903 he became naturalized English, 1907 he had a love affair with 17 year old Myra Hess, 1909 performed in Den Haag, until 1926 resided as violin teacher and performer in America, 1937-1940 residing at 21 Belsize Park Gardens in London Primrose, 1937 professor of music at the Royal Academy of Music, he died at the Royal Salop Infirmary in Shrewsbury while residing at Knill Court Cottage in Presteigne Wales ; son of composer Daniele and musician Grace Emma Bolton (Kent, Chatham 1855-7.jan.1926 London South Hampstead) ; 2.dec.1912 in Amsterdam he married pianist Henriette Mossel (Amsterdam 28.dec.1892-1948 Laren), divorced ; [? son pianist Jean Antonietti] ; 3.nov.1936 in London Marylebone he married music teacher Mary Ambrose Lediard (Cumbria 25.mar.1894-1975 Hereford, Leominster)

Title Parts

[] I think on thee in the night
pub Chappell & Co. Ltd., London before 1906

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