Antos, Jan 1735[1750]-1806 Czechoslovakia, ?Nemycevsi - Kopidlno
cantor, choral conductor, music teacher, 1772-1791 in Nemycevsi, 1791-1806 (verifiable in the school registers) at the Jicin music school in Kopidlno

[1735 as year of birth is given by musicologists, it would imply he is still in the school registers aged 71, he might have been on the direction only, without actively teaching, it would also imply he became cantor aged 37, records of his cantorship before 1772 might not exist or have not been found ; 1750 is probably an estimation based on the years of his activities, it would imply he was cantor aged 22, this is possible, especially if his father was a churchman too]

Title Parts

[] Preludium in G z pastorely Gloria in excelsis Deo. Organ
Vaclav Martin Sykora flute, Pavel Kloub guitar

[] Louceni Pana Jezise Krista s matkou svou Marii Pannou ktere se na zeleny ctvrtek zpiva (Parting of the Lord Jesus Christ and his mother the Virgin Mary, to sing on Maundy Thursday). Soprano, bass, 2 violins and organ
ms by Josef Bukvicka (Brezina 1apr1815-16may1886 Nymburk), Sv. Jilji church, Nymburk Czechoslovakia

[] O sedlskej rebelii (The peasants rebellion). Folk opera. Alto, tenor, 2 basses, 2 violins and violone. 1775
later reworked into a comic operetta O sedlskej svobode aneb rebelirovania. Alto, tenor, 2 basses, 2 violins and violone. 1779
dedication Pertinens Carolo Joani Merthay 3jul1779

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