Apelles, Henry Augustus 7.feb.1815-1878 Germany, Hannover - USA Rhode Island, Providence
clarinetist, violinist, professor of music, 25.may.1842 emigrated with his family to the USA, 1842-1870 as professor of music residing in Cornwall near West Point NY, 6.oct.1842 the sensational clarinetist Apelles who recently arrived from Germany played a brilliant clarionette solo with orchestra accompaniment at the Apollo Saloon in New York, 1842-1843 violinist in the New York Philharmonic Society, 4.mar.1843-22.apr.1843 second violin in the Ureli Corelli Hill Quartet which gave a series of Quartette Soirees 'the first in the US' at the Apollo in New York, 1845-9.aug.1872 bandmaster of the US Military Academy Band at West Point, 1850 as professor of music residing with wife, 3 children and a servant in Cornwall, 17.aug.1860 in West Point he became naturalized American, 1865 widowed residing in Cornwall with 2 servants only, 1873-1879 as teacher piano residing at 9 Grant Street in Pawtucket Rhode Island ; he married Dorothea (Germany 1814-23.oct.1861 Cornwall) ; son Charles (Germany 1835-), daughter Theresa (Germany 1836-), son Frederick (NY, Cornwall 1842-), son composer William Henry Apelles, five more children died in infancy ; 22.aug.1878 in Rhode Island he married Christiana Schittenhelm (Germany 1825-18.mar.1893 Pawtucket)

Title Parts

[] Grand potpourri. Clarinet and orchestra. 1842
? the mentioned clarionette solo with orchestra accompaniment performed by Augustus Apelles at the Apollo Saloon, New York 6oct1842

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