Apfelius (Appelius) (latinized from Apfel) (ne Holzapfel), Jeremias f1623-1665 Germany, Waltershausen - Bega
1623 cantor in Neunburg (Nabburg) Oberpfalz, 1624 pfarrer in Durnsricht and Schmidgaden, 1626 in the course of the Counter Reformation he went to Nuremberg as a Calvinist, 1634 pfarrer in Motten and Koten near Fulda, jun.1640 in Ludenhausen, 1651-1665 in Bega

Title Parts

[] Gib fried' zu unsrer zeit ohne gross not. Fuga. Soprano and bass. c1625
dedication Georgius Plancus, cantor in Amberg
in the possession of Paulus Schmidhammer, pfarrer in Durnsricht near Amberg

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