Apollon, David 'Dave' 23.feb.1898-30.may.1972 Ukraine, Kiev - USA Nevada, Las Vegas
jewish mandolinist, in Kiev he married Kesnia (Kiev 1890-jan.1916), after her death he emigrated to Shanghai China and 10.sep.1920 to the USA San Francisco,  31.sep.1920 moved to New York City and traveled the USA and the world and never had a permanent residence, 26.jun.1923 applied for naturalization which was denied 27.sep.1928 and granted 9.nov.1931, 1930 as theatre musician he resided at Kew Gardens and at the Ansona Hotel New York, 1932 at Palace Theatre, 1934 and 1936 at the St Moritz Hotel New York, 1934 at Park Lane Hotel in London, 1936 at Savoy Hotel in London, 1940-1953 as producer permanent at Central Park West in New York ; 30.dec.1938 in Memphis Arkansas he married Danzi (Dangy) Sears Goodell (Boston Cambridge 20.apr.1906-6.mar.1983 Las Vegas)

Title Parts

[] Russian rag. Mandolin
Michael Troster guitar, Paul Brodie sax. Thorofon 2497

[] Goodbye Hawaii. With ukulele and chord notations for guitar and pf. accordion
words and music Leon Towers Robins and Dave Apollon, arr R. S. Stoddon
pub B. Feldman & Co., London 16oct1934

[] I want a gypsy
words Gladys Shelley
pub Mills Music Inc., New York 14dec1939

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