Appel, George E 5.aug.1860-1901 USA New Jersey, Jersey City - Hoboken
pianist, 1880-1888 as apprentice jeweller/music teacher residing with his parents at 35 Mountain Road in Jersey City, 1892 residing with his father at 96 Fulton Street in New York Manhattan, 7.jun.1892-29.aug.1892 as pianist he made a planned visit of 3 months to England, 1892-1895 as musician and music teacher residing at 34 Prospect Street in Jersey City, the season of 1894-1895 he was pianist/accompanist in the New York Star Concert company with 'the best coloratura soprano in America' Louise Tooker of Brooklyn, 1898-1901 as musician/pianist and music teacher residing at 834 Hudson Street in Hoboken New Jersey ; son of jeweller Charles Peter Appel (Germany, Darmstadt 1820-13.may.1894 Jersey City) and Eliza (Wurttemberg 1826-7.jul.1891 Jersey City)

Title Parts

[] Ariel gavotte, for piano
dedication : To Miss Emily G. M. Ridgely
pub T. B. Harms & Co., New York 1890

[] The Butterfly. Caprice for pianoforte
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1893

[] Bye, Lo! My baby
pub Wm. A. Pond & Co., New York 1893

[] Nell and Violetta. Song and chorus
words H. Anderson
pub Howley, Haviland & Co., New York 1895

[] Forget the past
pub H. J. Wehman, New York 1895

[] Tally-Ho march
pub Geo. E. Appel, New York 1895

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