Appel, Richard Gilmore 25.apr.1889-18.nov.1975 USA Pennsylvania, Lancaster - Massachusetts, Boston Cambridge
organist, 1902-1908 BA from Franklin and Marshall Academy and College in Lancaster, 1912 MA from Harvard University in Cambridge, 1901-1910 organist of the First Reformed Church in Lancaster, 1910 of the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, 1914-1924 founder/director of the Summer School of Church Music in Wellesley and Cambridge, 1922-1952 chief Music Department of the Boston Public Library ; son of lawyer John Wilberforce Appel (Greensburg 12.feb.1856-) and Elizabeth 'Ella' Roberts (Lancaster 13.apr.1856-) ; 18.nov.1913 he married Anna Herr (Lancaster 1880-)

Title Parts

[] Blessed is the man. Anthem. 1914
[] In Flanders fields. Male voices. 1930
[] Benedicite in D flat. 1932
[] Benedicite in D. 1933
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