Appleby, Luke Dyer 28.may.1862-30.jul.1937 England Durham, Chester-le-Street Fatfield - Fife, Dunfermline
he was coal miner at age 18, organist, choirmaster, for 59 years, which would imply he was organist at age 16 and still active at age 75, 1891 residing in Pelton Durham, 1901 organist and music teacher in Boness Scotland ; son of William Appleby (Burnmoor 1806-1891 Chester-le-Street) and Mary Ann Carter (Penshaw 1818-1893 Sunderland) ; 1885 in Chester-le-Street he married Jane Wilson Chrisp (Durham, Chester-le-Street 1861-26.jun.1921 Dunfermline)

Title Parts

[] Nocturne. Organ
[] Romance. Organ
[] Prelude, fugue and chorale. Organ
[] Solo for bassoon
[] Remember love the days. Song
[] O Holy Saviour. Anthem
[] I will arise. Anthem
[] Festival chorus
[] Ave Maria
[] Te Deum in G
[] Communion Service in F
[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis in F. Voice, choir and organ
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