Appleton, Adeline Carola Lipman (fem) 29.nov.1883-5.nov.1958 USA Iowa, Waverly - NY, New York
pianist, 1884 grew up in Washington Iowa, c1896 when her parents divorced she chose to stay with her father until she married, explicable because her mother ended her last years in the insane asylum Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, 1900 studied piano and harmony at Wisconsin College in Milwaukee and composition with Benjamin Blodgett and Carl Eppert, 1909-1925 residing in Seattle Washington, 1919 secretary of the Seattle Composers Society, 1930 as professional composer residing at 1837 North New Hampshire Avenue in Los Angeles California, 1935-1940 as composer in fiction stories industry residing at 320 West 76th Street in New York, 1958 at 132 West 75th Street, she died at Roosevelt Hospital ; daughter of a jewish lumber dealer/capitalist Louis Lipman (Posen, Obersitzko 7.aug.1858-26.apr.1910 Seattle) and composer/music teacher Carroll Wardwell (Maryland, Frankville 5.aug.1859-14.feb.1924 Washington, Sedro-Woolley) who married 31.jan.1883 in Waverly ; 10.dec.1909 in Seattle she married investment banker Frederick Albert Appleton (Canada, Ontario 2.apr.1878-), divorced 1925 ; daughter Carol Appleton Hamilton (Seattle 30.jul.1913-10.jul.1989 California, Orange)

Title Parts

[] The witches' well (Salem 1692). Opera. 1915-1926. Tacoma Hotel, Tacoma Washington may1928
libretto Percy Davis and Adeline Appleton

[] I'd rather be wet than oily. Song
words Carl M. Leo
copyrighted 12 April 1932

[] Commandos Symphony
performed by Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony

[] Symphony "The Phantom"
2005-05-19 17:20:20