Appy, Ernest Frederick 13.sep.1853-22.apr.1914 USA NY, New York - Michigan, Essexville
professor of music, teacher piano and violin, not identified as composer, 1874 studied at Oberlin College in Rochester NY, 1877 piano tuner at 277 Plymouth Avenue in Rochester, 1880 professor of music with his wife as teacher piano at Xenia College at 60 East Church Street in Xenia Ohio managed by William Smith, 1900 as private music teacher residing at 126 10th Street in Newark Ohio, 1902 he and his wife were music teacher in Joplin Missouri, 1904 back in Newark residing at 152 Columbia Street he was private music teacher at 4 North 2nd Street and 1905 at the Hibbert & Schaus building, 1910-1911 piano tuner and repairer 'all work guaranteed' at his home 508 Grand Place in Bay City Michigan, 1913 as piano tuner at his home corner Langstaff and Mercer Street in Essexville ; son of composer Henri ; nephew of composer Charles Ernest ; 1877 he married pianist/music teacher Istanella May Andrews (Massachusetts, Monroe 23.jan.1856-)

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no compositions known
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