Appy (Appij), Joseph Frederic 22.sep.1836-?? Netherlands, Haarlem - ?, ?
violinist, merchant by profession, 1852 his parents had moved to Amsterdam, where they resided at the Spiegelgracht, 1853 at the Spuistraat, 19.may.1857 his mother granted him permission 'tot het drijven eener Watten-Fabriek', 29.apr.1865 he started a company of domestic and foreign trade in grains, seeds and flour, 1870 vice-president and solo violinist of the amateur music society Sempre Crescendo in Amsterdam, 15.sep.1887-7.jan.1890 he ran a company in 'Roll Mops' and 'Royal Haring', 6.nov.1895 as bookseller he was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for keeping in store 'in hoogste mate zedekwetsende blaadjes'

son of violinist at the Royal court in Den Haag, Jean Marie Appy (France 1771-2.may.1843 Amsterdam) and Ernestine Veronique Dupuis (France, Arras 15.oct.1797-7.apr.1879 Haarlem) ; brother of the composers Jean Henri and Charles Ernest ; 25.may.1868 in Amsterdam he married Helena Petronella Maria Louisa Fredrika Schmidt ; son Lodewijk Frederik (Amsterdam 24.mar.1870-) ; 25.feb.1892 in Amsterdam he married Stephanie Theodora Sophie Roosen

Title Parts

[] Introduction et theme avec variations. Violin and piano
music J. Fred. Appy
dedication: Opgedragen aan J. C. Jager jr.
pub G. H. van Eck, Den Haag, Netherlands

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