Apsen, Andreas 11.mar.1852-1911 Livonia, ? - Russia, Yelets
amateur musician and composer, born in Livonia, on the Gulf of Riga, along the coast of Latvia, 1875-1877 studied at the Polytechnic Academy in Riga Latvia, 1877 french correspondent for I. I. Florin in Moscow, 1878-1884 employee of the Aktien-Gesellschaft der 'Badischen Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik' in Moscow, since 1884 dealer/salesman of raw cotton in Moscow, he died at the railway station of Yelets (? on a bussiness trip from or to Moscow)

Title Parts

[] Erinnerung an Kokenhusen. Polka-Mazurka fur pianoforte
[Kokenhusen/Koknese in Latvia]
pub Deubner, Riga Latvia 1881

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