Aragona 'di Napoli', Antonia (fem) ??-f1545 Italy, ?Naples - ?, ?

[duchess Antonia Aragona, signora di Avola (Sicily) e di Terranova (southern Italy) who married duke Giovanni (second son of Giovanni Vincenzo (1522-1538 duke of Castelvetrano, Sicily) and grandson of Carlo V), whose son Carlos became prince of Castelvetrano in 1564, cannot be identified with the lutenist Antonia Aragona because no relation with Naples is known]

Title Parts

[] no compositions by Antonia Aragona are known
"famous lutenist and composer" after Pietro Aaron's Lucidario in musica. Girolamo Scotto, Venice 1545
this is the interpretation of Eitner but actually Pietro Aaron only sums up a list of female lutenists and singers without any comment and without any relation to the text :
La Signora Antonia Aragona da Napoli
La Signora Costanza da Nuvolara
La Signora Lucretia da Coreggio (1551)
La Signora Franceschina Bellamano (Venetian singer and lutenist)
La Signora Ginevra Palavigina
La Signora Barbara Palavigina
La Signora Susana Ferra Ferrarese
La Signora Girolama di Sant Andrea
La Signora Marieta Bellamano (Venetian singer and lutenist)
La Signora Helena Vinitiana (Veneziana)
La Signora Isabella Bolognese (singer and lutenist)

Augusto Vernarecci 1882 mentions Antonia Aragona in relation to Ottaviano Petrucci's Intabulatura libro primo and libro secondo by the lutenist Francesco Spinacino of 1507 but no compositions by Antonia Aragona are included in these publications.
He also states that the compositions by the women mentioned by Pietro Aaron have survived so fragmentary and incomplete that they are useless

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