Aranda, Luis de (Arande, Louis d') c1600-22.nov.1656 Spain Andalusia, Sevilla - France, Narbonne
organist, organ builder, in his youth he went to Paris where he made a brilliant career and was appreciated by king Louis XIII, 1640 organist of Cathedrale Saint-Nazaire in Beziers, 1648 of Cathedrale Notre-Dame in Rodez, also in Aix-en-Province and Marseille, 1655-1656 organist of Cathedrale Saint-Just in Narbonne, he mainly worked for the organ builder Ditta Eustache, he directed the installation of the organs of the cathedrals of Nimes and Montpellier ; ? related to composer Luis de Aranda I

Title Parts

[] his compositions have been lost and are not known
[] Lamentation "He"
ms Granada Cathedral
In the Doctoral dissertation 2008 by Heike Blumenberg attributed to Luis de Aranda (died 1660). In the Anhang I: Composers of Lamentations she lists both Luis de Aranda (died 1627) and Luis de Aranda (died 1660) suggesting they both composed lamentations

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