Arasimowicz, George Zbigniew 3.feb.1954- Canada, Ottawa
pianist, electronics, BA in english and history from Carleton University in Ottawa, PhD from the University of California in San Diego, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada scholar at the State Academy of Music in Warsaw Poland, MA from McGill University in Montreal, MusB from Toronto University, 1982-1983 professor at Southern California College, 1984 professor of theory and composition and director of the Electronic Music Studio at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, composer for film, theatre, television and radio

Title Parts

[] Adamanta secare. For fourteen instruments
thesis/dissertation Ph.D, University of California, San Diego 1982

[] Extensions, for solo flute (C and alto) and live electronics
Archives of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, 1985

[] Mesa, for solo cello
pub G. Arasimowicz, Edmonton Alberta 1987

[] Again look back. Trio for piano, violin, cello
pub G. Arasimowicz, Edmonton Alberta 1988

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