Arbarete, Francois 7.jan.1843-22.jul.1914 France, Lyon - Lyon
not a professional and not even known as amateur musician, tulliste (person who makes or sells tulle) by profession for all his life, 1875 as tulliste residing at Grande Rue de Cuire 38 in Lyon 1886-1891 as tulliste boarding with his remarried mother at Rue de l'Alma 13 in Lyon, 1911-1914 as tulliste residing at Rue du Chariot d'Or 23 in Lyon, 1936 as deceased composer F. Arbarete member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris ; son of shoemaker Philibert Claude Arbarete (1810-14.nov.1843 Chambery) and Elisabeth Crecovi 'Eliza Cracovie' ; 7.aug.1875 in Lyon he married Elisabeth Loron (Lyon 20.oct.1856-15.jun.1880 Lyon) ; 23.dec.1886 in Lyon he married commercial employee Marie Emilie Serpinet (Lyon 29.feb.1860-)

[that F. Arbarete was as composer member of SACEM, the question arises whether this biography is actually the composer's biography]

Title Parts

[] La neige. Chanson
poesie de Camille Roy
pub P. Clot, Lyon 1882
[rem: his only known composition]

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