Arbuckle, John 29.may.1849-16.jan.1890 Ireland, Buttevant - Malta
cornetist, military bandmaster, 17.jun.1849 (date from his military records) and 3.mar.1850 (date from the original churchbooks) baptized at St Patrick's in Buttevant, 1881 as bandmaster of the 2nd Battalion of the Border Regiment stationed at Shorncliffe Camp in Cheriton Kent England, 1884 he performed as cornetist and gave public band concerts at the Bazaar in Newry Ireland, 10.feb.1886 as bandmaster of the 2nd Battalion of the Border Regiment he gave a concert at the dinner party and reception given by Their Serene Highnesses Prince and Princess Edward of Saxe-Weimar at the Royal Hospital in Dublin, he was probably abroad most of his life because there is no mention about public activity of him in England, while his works were widely performed and highly praised, he died aged 40 possibly from Malta fever, 18.jan.1890 he was buried at Malta ; son of corporal in the band of the 26th Cameronian Regiment John Arbuckle (Scotland, Glasgow 1823-13.jun.1858 Bermuda, at sea) and Elizabeth Walsh (Ireland, Butterant 1831-31.may.1881 England Hampshire, Southsea) ; 20.jan.1859 at Bermuda he became stepson of James Ferguson (Scotland, Girvan 12.oct.1823-23.apr.1879 England Hampshire, Portsmouth) ; 8.jan.1879 in Portsmouth he married Annie Hannah Collins (England Shropshire, Bridgenorth 1853-9.may.1887 Ireland, Rahoon) ; son John Goring Arbuckle (England Kent, Shorncliffe Camp 28.dec.1879-), son Ernest Matthew Carli George Arbuckle (England Kent, Shorncliffe Camp mar.1881-19.aug.1912 South Africa, Johannesburg) who after his wife's death were under the guard of their uncle sergeant William Ferguson of 14 Company Army Service Corps at Shorncliffe Camp Kent

Title Parts

[] Lillian. Cornet polka. Cornet solo
pub J. R. Lafleur & Son, London 1884
pub (arr. for band) J. R. Lafleur & Son, London 1887
performed "with considerable instrumental efficiency and accuracy" by cornetist private soldier S. Howarth in a performance of the Border Regiment Minstrel Troupe with the Border Regiment Band, Newry Ireland 14feb1884
review : composed by the talented bandmaster Mr. J. Arbuckle, is one of the prettiest polkas conceivable and its popularity since its publication in London has been steadily increasing, We congratulate Mr. Arbuckle on his success in this department of musical work and trust to hear of further successes in the same direction. "Lillian" displays a broad, appreciative activety and its manifold beauties are certain to earn for it admiration"

[] Rocked in the cradle of the deep. March
music Arbuckle - most likely John Arbuckle
performed by the Workman's Club Band at Clonturk Park, Dublin 30jun1885

[] The Lizzie polka. Cornet solo
performed by cornetist Mr. Charles Grey in a concert by the Exhibition Military Band at the Exhibition, Glasgow 25jul1888
review : the great feature was Mr. Charles Grey's cornet solo "The Lizzie Polka". At the very lowest calculation the crowd in front of the Kiosk at the time it was played could not have been under 7000, and the performance evoked unstinted applause from the vast assemblage. Visitors at the Exhibition never heard such cornet playing.
It may be interesting to state that this brilliant cornet solo "The Lizzie Polka" was written especially for Arbuckle, the great American cornet player, and that Mr. Grey is the only one in this country who has played the piece in public, he having the use of the copyright

[rem : this review, which not even mentions the composer, sounds so unrealistic that this Lizzie polka was most likely the Lillian polka, but this was copyrighted by the publisher Lafleur, so could never had been come into the possession of a cornet player]

[] Eglantine. Gallop
music Arbuckle - most likely John Arbuckle
performed by the 18th Hussars Band under Mr. Englefield at the Bazaar and Fancy Fair, Cashel Ireland 12apr1887

[] The King's Own. Quick march. Reed band
pub Riviere & Hawkes, London 1887

[] Pizarro march. Wind band
pub Boosey & Co., London 1889

[] O steer my bark to Erin's Isle. March. Wind band
pub J. R. Lafleur & Son, London 

[] Rollicking home to dear old England. Quick march. Wind band
pub Boosey & Hawkes, London 

[] When the moon with the glory brightens. March. Wind band
pub Hawkes & Co., London

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