Arbuckle, Matthew 1828-23.may.1883 Scotland, Lochside - USA NY, New York
cornetist, bandmaster, 1841 joined the Camerionians 26th Regiment British Army band in Chatham Kent and served in China and India, 1853 emigrated to Canada and was bagpiper and drum major with the Royal Scottish Regiment of Canada, 1857 cornetist of the NY Troy Brass Band, 1860 of the Gilmore Band Worcester Massachusetts, 3.oct.1861-30.aug.1862 during the Civil War of the 24th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 1880 of the 9th Regiment of New York, 1883 founded his own band ; 1859 in Lyons he married Elizabeth D Bennett (NY, Lyons 1833-13.apr.1911 Manhattan)

Title Parts

[] Arbuckle's complete cornet method. pub Boston
[] Within a mile of Edinburgh. Scotch ballad. Cornet a piston
arr. by Matthew Arbuckle
pub Carl Fischer, New York

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