Archambeau, Edouard d' 8.dec.1834-19?? Belgium, Herve - ?, ?
pianist, studied piano with his brother, then studied piano with Felix Etienne Ledent and violin with Francois Antoine Wanson at Liege Conservatory, 1852 obtaining 1st prize piano and 2nd prize violin, he was active/resided in Verviers ; brother of Jean Michel

Title Parts

[] France! Galop. Piano. op34
[] Constantinople. Galop. Piano. op42
[] Fleur aimee. Reverie-Nocturne. Piano. 1868. op43
[] Ave Maria. Soprano
[] Ave verum. Baritone
[] Jesu Salvator. Motets pour Messes des morts. Baritone
[] La Lyre chretienne, collection de pieces faciles et chantantes. 1er Livraison. Organ or harmonium
pub J. B. Katto, Brussel
[] 6 Offertoires
[] 6 Elevations
[] 6 Communions
[] 6 Sorties
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