Archer, Oscar Abner sep.1829-16.may.1919 USA NY, Livonia - Massachusetts, North Adams Blackinton
professor, bookkeeper by profession, 1852 teacher at the New York Conference Seminary in Charlotteville NY where he met his wife who studied and later taught there, oct.1856 after his marriage he accepted a position as bookkeeper with Sanford Blackinton & Co. in Blackinton, 1860 as bookkeeper residing with wife and daughter in Blackinton, 1860-1877 consistently called professor he was chairman of the examination committee of the Hudson River Institute/Seminary with departments of music, languages and painting, 1870 as bookkeeper residing with wife, 3 daughters and a son at 1442 Massachusetts Avenue in Blackinton, 1900 as woolen manufacturer residing with wife at 61 Leonard Street in Williamstown, 1910 as bookkeeper of a woolen mill in North Adams, 1914-1919 as accountant and justice of the peace residing at 1431 Massachusetts Avenue in Blackinton ; son of Benjamin Archer (Vermont, Shoreham 1804-17.dec.1890 North Adams) and Clarissa Day (NY, Hemloc Lake 1813-9.jan.1888 North Adams) ; 24.apr.1856 in North Adams he married Helen Mary Blackinton Archer (Blackinton 1836-14.feb.1919 Blackinton)

Title Parts

[] Something sweet, a medley
composed & dedicated to the Philomathean Society, of the N.Y. conference seminary
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1856

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