Arciniegas Perez, Emilio 26.mar.1897-8.dec.1977 Venezuela Tachira, Rubio - Urena
studied trombone, saxophone and music with Danilieto Olivares in Rubio, 1920 studied with Nicola Constatino in San Cristobal, 1922-1929 or 1931-1935 at the time of president Juan Vicente Gomez he was exiled to Colombia, after his exile he was for many years bandmaster of Banda de Urena

Title Parts

[] 24 de junio. Marcha. Band
for being released on that date

[] Otilia. Vals. Band
[] Himno al libertador Simon Bolivar
[] Espiritu Urena. Marcha. Band
[] Saludo a Olivares. Marcha. Band
[] Un saludo a Delicias. Vals
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