Ardelle, Franklin (Ardell, Franklyn) 1.may.1885-17.apr.1960 USA New Jersey, ? - California, Los Angeles West Covina
actor, of a French father and a New York born mother, 24.may.1910 composer of and actor in 'The balloon girl' at Plaza Music Hall in New York, 1915-1925 as actor/dance artist boarding in New York City, 1917 theatre manager on 1493 Broadway, 1930 as actor boarding at the North Park Hotel in Chicago, 1934 he appeared in the film The Mighty Barnum and 1936 in The Great Ziegfeld, 1936 residing at 1951 Argyle Avenue in Los Angeles ; 1925 aged 39 he married 22 year old theatre dancing artist Sonya Saunders (NY 1902-)

Title Parts

[] Won't you come over and play croquet. Baritone and piano
words James Jay Daley
pub Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York 15jun1908
Peter Savidge, Jennifer Partridge. "Play the Game - Victorian and Edwardian Sporting Songs". Just Accord 001

[] The balloon girl
Franklin Ardelle, Herbert, a musician ; Wilson, a juggler, and Kurtis's Rooster. Plaza Music Hall, New York 24may1910

[] The Suffragette. Comedy in 1 act
by F. Ardell
copyright Franklyn Ardell, New York 11apr1912

[] Spoontime. Song
from The family cupboard
words and music Franklyn Ardell
pub Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., New York 25oct1913

[] Vice versa. Play in 1 act
by F. Ardell
copyright Franklyn Ardell, New York 18oct1915

[] The family cupboard. Play in four acts by Owen Davis. First performance in this city at The Playhouse, New York City 21 August 1913, continuing until 20 December 1913
Staged by John Cromwell
music Owen Davis, with songs by Franklyn Ardell
Cast of Characters :
Charles Nelson: William Morns
Mrs. Nelson: Olive Harper Thome
Alice Nelson: Alice Brady
Kenneth Nelson: Forrest Winant
Kitty May: Irene Fenwick
Mrs. Clement Harding: Ruth Benson
Thomas Harding: Douglas J. Wood
Mary Burk: Alice Lindahl
Mrs. Lawrence Winthrop: Irene Romaine
Lawrence Winthrop: Harry Redding
Dick Le Roy: Franklyn Ardell
Jim Garrity: Frank Hatch
Potter: Wallace Erskine
Telephone Operator: Louise Aichel
Elevator Boy: Barney Johnson

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