Ardin, Leon C P 25.oct.1884-3.jul.1957 Switzerland, Bern - USA Pennsylvania, Buckingham
conductor, emigrated to Canada Windsor, mar.1914 emigrated to the USA Detroit, 18.apr.1921 in New York City he declared his intention to become american citizen, 1921 as conductor and composer residing at 1064 Sheridan Avenue in New York City, 1930 as composer of music residing at 500 South Alexandria Street in Los Angeles, 1932 residing at 64 East 44th Street in Portland Oregon he bought a Jewett 1925 Sedan motor vehicle (ie car), 1940 as musician residing at 564 North Normandie Avenue in Los Angeles, 1942 residing at 214 East 14th Street in New York, 1942 owner of Associated Productions 214 East 14th Street, at time of death residing in Deposit NY and committed suicide by means of poisons in Buckingham ; son of Joseph Ardin (Switzerland-) and Madeline Jaros (Bohemia-) ; 1922/1929 he married Alma S Dinnebeil (Germany 1885-bef.1957)

Title Parts

[] Antony and Cleopatra. Opera in 4 acts based upon Shakespeare's drama,
libretto in italian text based on William Shakespeare
pub Autographed and printed by Charles Thomas, Eureka Music Printing Press, New York 1919
copyright Leon Ardin of Switzerland, domiciled at New York, 5mar1919

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