Ardley, Margaret Owston (fem) 30.mar.1895-24.oct.1980 England, London Marylebone - London Croydon Sanderstead
soprano, music teacher, studied at Hartington House School in Beckenham, singing with Spencer Clay, Sir Henry Wood and in Italy with Salvatore Salvati, 1912-1937 music teacher at Dinorben High School in Wallington, 1949 conductor and coach of several TWG choirs, 1952 music teacher at Mitcham County School, 1949-1980 residing at 'Haughton' 6 Addington Road Sanderstead Surrey ; daughter of music teacher in Gravesend and Beckenham Eliza Owston Wise Rolls (Bedfordshire, Roxton 1862-1942 London Surrey) and bookmaker Osborne Lester Ardley (London Dalston 16.jul.1862-31.jan.1917 Surrey, Epsom) who divorced 22.feb.1904

Title Parts

[] (titles unknown). Musical plays
[] (titles unknown). Sketches for children and choirs
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