Areal Rodriguez, Jose Claudio bef.1840-aft.1905 Spain Galicia, Tuy - ?Leon
organist, sometime between 1834-1860 studied music with Jose Maria Alvarez (1810-1882) and trained at Tuy Cathedral, 2.aug.1858 in Tuy a Jose Areal (born before 1820 and possibly his father) asks for an advance of 5000 reals to buy a house using his salary and that of his son as bail, 1865 he had settled in Leon, 1875 organist at Leon Cathedral, 1875 conductor of Sociedad 'Amigos del Pais', 1880 of Circulo de Obreros Catolicos, 1885 director of Nuevo Casino in Leon, 1888-1892 organizer/conductor of Orfeon Leones, 16-19.oct.1899 as head of family residing in Leon he had to be seen as witness by the Leon Court in cases concerning murder, cases against Jose Arias and others, 1903-1904 correspondent for Real Academia de Bellas Artes, 1905 teacher at Escuela Normal Superior de Maestros in Leon, 1905 he donated to the National subscription in favor of the victims of the collapsing of the third deposit of the Lozoya Canal (which occurred on 8.apr.1905 with nearly 400 persons losing their lives in the flooded ruins)

Title Parts

[] Cantata A Galicia. Leon 1885
winner of the first prize in a musical contest in A Coruna 4jul1885

[] Salve regina. 5vv and organ
ms Tuy Cathedral

[] Rosario. 4vv and orchestra (flute, 4 clarinets, trumpets, 2 bassoons, ophicleide and bc)
ms Tuy Cathedral

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