Arena, Salvatore 18??-19?? Italy Sicily, ? - ?, ?
bandmaster, before 1865 member of the military band of the 64th Reggimento in Siracusa, 1865 the first bandmaster of Corpo Bandistico di Ispica (Spaccaforno) Sicily which he lead until 1897 through alternating events, removals and summaries, tensions and reconciliations with the musicians, removals and rapprochements, investigations ordered by the Municipality, a relationship of love-hate in which the tensions were determined by the authoritarianism of Arena, the band performed several times in the provinces of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania, 4.apr.1886 the band was preferred to many others in the festivities for the inauguration of the railway with the arrival of the first train in Noto

Title Parts

[] La stragi del Po. Valtzer. Band. 1893
ms 1925 Archivo del Corpo Bandistico, Sarcedo (Vicenza)
Banda del 83o Fanteria, piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Udine Friuli 22jan1893 and 24sep1893

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