Roger, Adelia C Arens (fem) 11.oct.1880-31.aug.1955 USA Michigan, Detroit - California, San Diego
organist, pianist, born at 286 13th Street, studied music with her grandfather and father, piano with Franz A Apel and at the Virgil Piano School in New York, 13.nov.1902 debuted as pianist in a concert at the Detroit School of Music, 1901-1911 teacher piano and organ in Rogers City and Detroit, organist of St Mary's and St Ann's in Detroit, 1918 residing at 515 Glendale Avenue in Detroit ; daughter of organist and music teacher John N Arens (Germany jun.1853-b1910 Detroit) and Mary Schulte (Michigan aug.1858) ; 22.jun.1910 in Detroit she married furniture company owner Felix Alphonse Roger (Canada Quebec, Levis 15.aug.1880-10.oct.1963 San Diego) ; niece of Franz Xavier Arens

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria in E. Voice, piano and violin obligato. op1/1
pub William Maxwell Music Co., New York 1912

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