Argaiz Santelices, Serafin 16.nov.1912-1967 Spain, Pamplona - Pamplona
pianist, organist, writer on music and many other topics, 1928 finished his study teaching and piano with Santos Laspiur in Pamplona, studied organ with Miguel Etxebeste, 1932 founded Banda de Txistularis de Pamplona, 1936 studied literature in Paris, 1938 teacher at Lycee de Pontlevoy France, 1941-1954 teacher at Institucion de las Escuelas Pias in Tolosa, 1944 founder/director of Instituto Pedagogico for children with mental disabilities and a school for deaf and dumb children, as pianist he played in trios and quartets

Title Parts

[] Himno a Pamplona
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