Argence, Louis 29.nov.1929- France, Aix-en-Provence
organist, studied music theory at the Conservatory of Marseille and piano and harmony at the Conservatory of Toulon, studied organ with Marcel Provost in Marseille, 1947 organist of Saint-Louis in Toulon, 1980 preparing vocational composition studies for Marseille Conservatory, 1991 he won a first prize in fugue, 1994 first prize in harmony and 1997 first prize in counterpoint, 2007 gained a University Diploma 'Music and musical techniques' from the University of Toulon et du Var, 2013 still active as concert organist in Toulon and residing in nearby La Valette-du-Var

Title Parts

[] Trio super Ave regina coelorum. Organ
[] Choral et versets sur Ave maris stella. Organ. 1995
dedication: a son ami Alain Vernet, organiste de la cathedrale de Toulon

[] Theme, variations et fugue sur Dio vi salvi regina. Organ. 1997
[] Choral fugue sur Je vous salue Marie. Organ. 2000
[] Notre Pere. Mixed choir and organ. 2008
pub Argence Musique, La Valette-du-Var 2008

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