Abramovich, Aleksandr (Argov, Sasha) 26.oct/5.nov.1914-27.sep.1995 Russia, Moscow - Israel, Tel Aviv
pianist, songwriter, studied piano, composition and orchestration privately, 1935 emigrated to Israel, 1946 changed his name to Sasha Argov, composed for state, films, TV and radio, composed about 1200 songs most of them were also recorded, 1976 member of ACUM, Israeli Composers League, 1976 residing at 35 Sirkin Street in Tel Aviv Israel

Title Parts

Shir hahaflagah (Sailing song). Soprano, piano, violin, percussion
Zahava Seewald or Jewlia Eisenberg, Carla Kihlstedt, Rob Burger, Mark Orton

[] Shlomo hamelech veshalami hasandlar (The king and the cobbler). Musical play
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