Argyropoulos, Orestis 4/16.nov.1888-19?? Greece, Lavrion near Athens - ?, ?
pianist, mining engineer, studied piano with his mother and Lisa Frezza, 1895-1899 studied music with Francesco Niccolini, 1905-1906 piano with Karl Bohmer at Lottner Conservatory in Athens, 1912 after graduating in mine engineering in Paris he studied composition with Frank Choisy, Dimitrios Levidis and Menelaos Pallandios in Athens, 1914-1951 he worked as mining engineer, but until 1958 remained also active as amateur composer ; son of doctor Nikolaos Argyropoulos (1849-18.jul.1936) and Victoria Bellardini (13.apr.1861-1904)

Title Parts

[] 6 Bagatelles. Piano. 1918. op2
[] Piano trio. Violin, cello and piano. 1930. op3
Altenberg Trio Wien

[] Andante. Orchestra. 1937. op5
[] Petite suite. Violin and piano. 1940. op6
[] Images africaines. Symphonic poem. 1947. op7
[] Sonata. Piano. 1958. op11
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