Arias Macein, Angel 10.jun.1907-1970 Spain, ?Madrid - ?Madrid
professor of harmony and composition at Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Madrid, 1936-1952 editor/arranger for the music publisher Harmonia in Madrid, 30.dec.1960 appointed professor of music at Conservatorio Escuela de Arte Dramatico in Madrid (? now Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico), most of his works are arrangements for band of compositions by other composers, he also wrote music for documentary films, 31.may1991 Conservatorio Profesional de Musica at Calle Baleares 18 in Madrid (founded 1983) was granted the denomination 'Angel Arias Macein' but there is no direct relation to the composer

Title Parts

[] Cromos. Zarzuela. Teatro Alcazar, Madrid 15apr1933
music with Adolfo Wagener Nogues

[] Hor melody. Fast fox-trot. 1936
by Angel Arias Macein and Enrique de Ulierte y Bernal

[] Homenaje a Chopin. Gran fantasia. Band
merely an arrangement from Fryderyk Chopin
pub Harmonia, Madrid 1940

[] Elegia. Band
dedication: a la memoria del Maestro Serrano
pub Harmonia, Madrid 1941

[] Oudrid. Fantasia-homenaje, sobre motivos de sus mas celebres obras. Band
merely an arrangement from Cristobal Oudrid
pub Harmonia, Madrid 1943

[] Fiesta de Cabaret. Revue
music with Augusto Budler Genis
libretto Manuel de Heredia Lozano

[] Gloria en la tierra. Choir
[] Diamantes de la Corona. Band
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