Arif Bey, Haci 1831-1885 Turkey, Istanbul Eyup - Istanbul
singer, sarki (song) composer, studied music with Zekai Efendi and Mehmed Bey, then at the Royal Music School, he was the originator of the Kurdili Hicazkar makam, 1844-1861 in service of sultan Abdulmecid I who admitted him to the Muzika-yi Humayun (Imperial Military Music School), music teacher to the women in the harem, he fell in love with a young girl and the sultan permitted him to marry her, but she deserted him after a few years, he obtained his former post at the palace and fell in love again, was permitted to marry, but the girl died from tuberculosis after a few years, the same situation occurred a third time, 1861-1871 in service of sultan Abdulaziz, 1878 in service of sultan Abdulhamid but was soon dismissed because of his erratic character, he taught at the Imperial Music School for the rest of his life, he composed about 1000 songs of which only 327 survived

Title Parts

[] Bulbul yetisir bagrimi hun etti figanin (Enough nightingale, your cry has killed my heart). Song
[] Gurub etti gunes dunya karardi (The sun has set and the world has darkened). Song
[] Deva yokmus neden bimari aska (Why is there no drug for love sickness). Song
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