Ariz Cia, Regino 7.sep.1874-10.jan.1947 Spain, Pamplona - San Sebastian
bandmaster, 1882 studied music at Academia de Pamplona, studied with Tomas Breton at Madrid Conservatory, bandmaster of Banda Municipal de Irun, then of Banda Municipal de Gijon, 1908 bandmaster of Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with which he performed in Gijon Asturias, 1909 he opened an academy of music in Tenerife where he taught solfege and several instruments, 1909 in Pamplona he conducted concerts organized by Sociedad Filarmonica Santa Cecilia of Pamplona, 1912 bandmaster of Banda Municipal in San Sebastian were he settled the same year, until retirement 1945 director of San Sebastian Conservatory

Title Parts

[] Tenerife. Himno. Band, choir and piano
words Gil Roldan

[] Saludo a Tenerife. Pasodoble. Band
[] Rapsodia asturiana. Band
[] Tinerfe. Himno a Canarias. Band
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