Hartong van Ark, Samuel 'Karel' 1811-1882 Netherlands, Hilversum - Russia, St Petersburg
pianist, organist, teacher of languages, in the Netherlands he also used the french form Charles of his give name, in Russia he used the name Karl, 1833 music master in Hilversum, 1836 he taught french, english and german at the girl's school of his wife in Hilversum, 11.oct.1837 graduated as schoolteacher second grade in Amsterdam, 1837-1880 organist of the Dutch Reformed Church in St Petersburg Russia, 1837-1857 he taught dutch to the children of the Dutch Reformed Church community in St Petersburg ; son of Hartog Hijman Hartong and Rijntje Marcus ; 18.jul.1833 in Hilversum he married institution mistress Therese Adele Baudet (Hilversum 1808-) ; son composer Karl van Ark

Title Parts

[] Valse pour le piano forte
dedication: dediee a Mademoiselle J. E. van Weede
composee par Charles van Ark
pub chez L. W. Roumen, Amsterdam 1832

[] Walse a quatre mains, pour le piano-forte
dedication: Opgedragen aan mej. S. en C. Willet
dedication: composee et dediee aux demoiselles S. et C. Willet, par Ch. van Ark
pub chez L. W. Roumen, Amsterdam 1834

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