Ark, Karel Pieter Hendrik van (Karl Karlovich fan) 28.aug/9.sep.1839-11/24.aug.1902 Russia, St Petersburg - St Petersburg
pianist, piano teacher, son of the dutch organist of the Dutch Reformed Church in St Petersburg, the form Charles of his given name on his publications was because french was the language of the upper class in St Petersburg at that time, received his first musical education from his father, after 1852 studied piano privately with Theodor Leschetizky in St Petersburg, 1859 studied theory and composition with Nikolay Ivanovich Zaremba at the Russian Music Association in St Petersburg, since 1862 at the founding of St Petersburg Conservatory he taught piano as assistant to Leschetizky and 1873-1902 as a professor, 1875 he published a piano study 'Schule der Technik' in St Petersburg, 1895 he became naturalized Russian ; son of composer Karel van Ark and Therese Adele Baudet ; 20.oct.1872 at the orthodox Kazankaya church in St Petersburg he married Uljana Danilovna Borshtsyova

Title Parts

[] Impromptu a la tarantelle. Piano
pub A. Johansen, St Petersburg c1870

[] La Coquette. Polka de salon. Piano
pub Buttner, St. Petersburg 1879
pub Chez P. Jurgenson, Moscow ?1893

[] Menuett. Piano
music Franz Schubert (Sonata no18 in G. op78. D894)
Karl van Ark was credited on the publication - ? as arranger
pub B. Bessel & Cie., St Petersburg c1880

[] Deux Impromptus lyriques, pour le piano
pub Chez P. Jurgenson, Moscow ?1893

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