Arkan, Muzaffer 15.apr.1923-10.jul.2006 Turkey Konya, Seydisehir - Ankara
violinist, pianist, choral conductor, received his first musical education from Arif Sahap Oktem in Konya, 1945 studied composition with Mahmut Ragip Gazimihal (1900-1961) and conducting at Ankara State Conservatory, studied piano for eight years with Ferhunde Erkin and harmony with Ferit Alnar and Eduard Zuckmayer for one year, he continued his studies with Adnan Saygun for six years, 1951 DM from Ankara State Conservatory where he lectured 1951-1990, he contributed to the book 'Music in Konya' (1947) of his teacher and musicologist Gazimihal, he became director of the Music Lovers Society which was established by Gazimihal in Konya while he was researching folklore in Konya, in Konya an important musical center for the whole of Southeastern Anatolia Arkan formed a choir giving concerts of four-voice works, 1956 Arkan prepared works using Turkish children's rhymes and folklore and the Orff-Schulwerk which were broadcasted on Ankara Radio, at the request of Carl Orff the sound recordings of these programs were sent to Germany to be broadcast on Bavarian Radios for the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the city of Munchen, to Belgium to be performed at the Orff Pavilion of the Brussel International Fair and to the International Salzburg Festival at the Mozarteum, 1965 he founded the Radio Children Choir in Ankara, with all his choirs he was 9 times awarded the world championship in international choir festivals and competitions, he served as lecturer and president of the Ankara Polyphonic Music Association, Hacettepe University, Ankara State Conservatory and 1994 Nigde University, founder and organizer of the International Ankara Choir Festivals and Competitions held in 1996, 1998 and 2001

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[] Katip. Turkish folksong. Choir
Ankara Polyphonic Choir / Nilgun Tuzkaya, Contemporary Arts Center, Yasar Kemal Conference Hall, Ankara 21 February 2017

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