Arlen, Jerry (ne Arluck, Julius) 11.nov.1911-21.jan.1988 USA NY, Buffalo - New York
singer, conductor, 1915-1920 residing with his parents at 61 Pratt Street in Buffalo, 1928 at 1322 Madison Street and 1931 as musician at 503 University Avenue in Syracuse, 1933 he wrote songs for the Cotton Club revues in New York Harlem, 12.mar.1943 while residing in New York Bronx enlisted for military service, 1978 residing at 357 East 57th Street in New York City ; son of rabbi/cantor of the Buffalo Bnai Brith Sholem and Temple Beth Zion synagogues and the Syracuse Temple Adath Yashurun synagogue Samuel Arluck (Poland, Vilna 15.may.1879-28.feb.1953 Los Angeles) and Celia Orlin (Poland 1881-1958 Los Angeles) ; brother of Harold Arlen ; 1935 he married composer Jeanne Burns ; 11.nov.1956 in Las Vegas he married Sherine Rebecca Noel

Title Parts

[] Harlem hospitality. Sung in 23rd edition of Cotton Club Parade. 1933
[] There's a house in Harlem for sale. 1935
[] Keep it under your heart. 1939
words Curley Mahr

[] Afraid to say hello (since you said goodbye). Voice, piano and guitar
words Larry Taylor
pub Reis and Taylor Co., New York 1941

[] Prove it to me
words Jeanne Burns, music Jerry Arlen
copyright Jeanne Burns and Jerry Arlen 20sep1941, renewal Jeanne Burns and Jerry Arlen 10dec1968
pub Kaycee Music Co., New York 1941

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