Armando, Gualterio 3.sep.1895-19?? El Salvador, San Salvador - ?, ?
Honduran composer, studied violin, piano and composition in Berlin Germany, he was active in Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, 1936 residing in Lisbon, the author's tendencies are classic, without neglecting the elements of Ibero-American folklore

[the above biography is exactly as given by Joaquin Pena/Higinio Angles 1954 and is a complete confusion with the biography of Walter Dahms/Gualterio Armando (Berlin 9.jun.1887-), even though Pena/Angles give a perfect biography of Walter Dahms upto 1931 Paris, from that year they considered Gualterio Armando as another person, which raises the question who was this other Gualterio Armando born 3.sep.1895 in San Salvador : the most likely explanation is that Walter Dahms deliberately gave a wrong birth date and place to Pena/Angles because he detested the Germans and the German system so much and wanted nothing more to do with it (he hated how he was treated in military service, that his divorce was rejected for so long, that he could not get a job in Berlin at the hands of Richard Strauss, etc.)]

Title Parts

Joaquin Pena/Higinio Angles 1954 attributes the following compositions to Gualterio Armando (San Salvador 3sep1895-) which indeed cannot be identified as compositions by Walter Dahms/Gualterio Armando (Berlin 9jun1887-) :
[] Suite Vasthi. Orchestra
[] La nina de plata. Obertura. Orchestra
[] 2 Canciones de jinete. Baritone and orchestra
[] unos 100 Lieder (canciones) sobre textos de poetas espanas e iberoamericanos
only about 50 Lieder (canciones) can be identified as compositions of Walter Dahms

Joaquin Pena/Higinio Angles 1954 erroneously attributes the following compositions to Gualterio Armando (San Salvador 3sep1895-), they are actually by Walter Dahms/Gualterio Armando (Berlin 9jun1887-) :
[] Autumnal. Poema sinfonica. Tenor and orchestra
[] Balada castellana. Orchestra
[] Ollantay. Suite. Orchestra
[] 1 Sinfonia
[] Concertino. Oboe and chamber orchestra
[] Konzertstuck. Horn and chamber orchestra
[] Concierto. Clarinet and orchestra
[] Cuero de oro. Ballet
on a legend from Guatemala

[] Divertimento mexicano. Ballet
[] musica de camera, cuartetos, trios, sonatas (given without further details)
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