Armanini, Pietro Andrea (Pierre Andre) 1844-8.sep.1895 Italy, ?Milan - France, Bordeaux
mandolinist, at La Scala in Milan, made extended european tours, at the Empire Theatre in London he caused a sensation with his solo Mostwa : 'the Paganini of the mandolin, the greatest mandolin artist in the annals of music', 1882 active and residing with his family in Moscow, 1894 active in London residing with his family at 44 Leicester Square, 1895 made his final appearance in London, 1895 he retired to Bordeaux ; in Italy he married Catarina (Jeanne Catherine) Separtini (Sperthini) (born Italy) ; son musician Carlo Andrea (Milan 1868-), son musician Eduardo Bernardo (Milan 1872-), daughter professor of music Adolphine Maria (Chambery Savoie 25.aug.1875-), daughter professor of music Anne Bianca Therese Armanini Paguet (Russia, Moscow 27.dec.1882-) ; 4.jul.1892 in London Westminster he married his second wife Maria Rosenfeld

Title Parts

[] L'eventail. Polka-mazurka pour piano
dedication : a son altesse royale et imperiale Madame la Duchesse d'Edimbourg (grand duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia (1853-1920))
pub E. Chatot, Paris 1879

[] La cigale. Polka pour piano
dedication : a mon ami Prosper Marius
pub E. Chatot, Paris 1879

[] Methode de mandoline lombarde, 1ere partie
by E. C. Armanini, Pietro Armanini
pub Imp. F. Bettes, Canderan-Bordeaux 1895

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