Armfelt, Alexandrine 16.sep.1866-6.mar.1933 Finland, Turku - Russia, St Petersburg
pianist, countess, in Russia known as Aleksandra Vladimirovna Zheleznova-Armfelt, studied with Franz Czerny and Anton Rubinstein at St Petersburg Conservatory, 1896-1897 with her husband who served in the Urals she collected and published songs from the Ural Cossacks, she was lady of honor to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, she taught at the music school of Yevgeny Pavlovich Rapgov in St Petersburg, after the October Revolution 1917-1923, widowed and having lost her two sons, she was forced to earn a living by giving private piano lessons and accompanying silent films in cinemas ; daughter of count Mauritz Wilhelm (Vladimir) Armfelt and Alexandrine Armfelt ; 1895 in Russia she married military officer Vladimir Zheleznov (b. St Petersburg), divorced 1912

Title Parts

[] Etude in As pour piano. op1
pub P. Jurgenson, Moscow 1894

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