Armhold, Agathe Marie Adelheid 4.mar.1900-27.aug.1992 Germany Holstein, Kiel - Hawaii, Kailua
concert and oratorio singer, soprano/mezzo, jewish, studied piano at Hamburg Conservatory and with Edmund Schmid in Hamburg, studied singing with teachers of the Italian school (Alexander Scarueo), the French school (Alexander de Reval) and the German school (Maria Ivogun), she sang all over Europe under leading conductors (Furtwangler, Klemperer, Ansermet, Scherchen, Boult, Mengelberg, etc.), 1936-1941 boarding in Berlin, 1941 residing at Frohnau Markgrafenstrasse 89 in Berlin, 1943 she fled to Lithuania, 1949-1965 she taught at the University of Cape Town, 1978 she settled at 632 Omaha Street in Honolulu Kahala, 1982-1992 residing at 1203 Lunaai Street in Kailua ; daughter of Rudolf Armhold and Cristine Jensen ; b1941 she married the painter Pranas Domsaitis (Franz Domscheit) (Cropiens Lithuania 15.sep.1880-14.nov.1965 Cape Town) ; 1966~1976 she married the diplomat, painter, poet Kazys Zvironas (Uzpaliai Lithuania 27.jan.1904-8.jun.2001 Kailua)

Title Parts

[] The great invocation
copyright words and music Adelheid Armhold, pseudonym of Adelheid Domsaitis-Zvironas 15jul1977

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